We create long lasting memories with the most hospitable people in the world.

Behwe Gh is an Adventure and travel company in Ghana. The name ‘Behwe’ is an Akan word which can be explained as ‘come and see’ or ‘take a look’. Behwe Ghana thus urges people to come, see and experience the beauty of nature: tourist sites, exceptional landmarks and the unique culture and heritage of the gateway of Africa. One of our key values is presenting people with a unique experience they will love and cherish. Ghana and Africa: a land of numerous unique histories, languages, food, customs with exceptional landmarks and a home to everyone.

Our Vision is to promote tourism and adventure locally and externally and open up the world to the wide array of products, culture and experiences in Africa.

Our mission is to make Ghana a number one tourism destination in Africa while creating a platform to share cultural values for global development.

Our value statement: Making sustainable impacts and crafting culturally authentic and personalized experiences.


Our team of experts offer special adventures to awe-inspiring places.
Our collection of destinations are irresistible.

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I had the most remarkable experience with Behwe GH. Not only was everything perfect, but we as a group felt in every instance that our guides truly cares about us; they did their best to make this trip memorable.

Anna Simono

“Behwe Gh just gives you the experience the right way.”



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