“AKWAABA!” is a phrase you’ll hear countlessly when you arrive in Ghana; always said from the heart; with warmth and hospitality. Upon arrival in Ghana, you will not only be greeted with hospitality, but be surrounded with rich culture, hear of deeply engaging tales of heritage and be fascinated by picturesque landscapes very beautiful to behold. Talk of mountain peaks, forests, rivers, beaches, waterfalls and other tourist attractions. Egypt has its historical pyramids and East Africa has its dense population of wildlife; but there are a thousand reasons why Ghana should be your pick! Have you not experienced Ghana yet? Here’s five reasons why it is time to experience Ghana:

Peace and Stability: Ghana is one of the most peaceful and stable countries in the sub-Saharan region. You are assured of having the “home away from home” experience. It is a haven of political stability as it boasts of a good track record of democracy and prides itself to have had an economy which rides on a stable political atmosphere. An atmosphere which was pursued over a historical journey Ghana took to freedom; the story of which is told of by places like the National museum of Ghana and the Independence square.

Rich heritage, history and ancestry: The country is home to more castles and forts than many other African nations. These sites serve as reminders of the tumultuous times the country went through during colonization and slavery and also tell fascinating yet sometimes gruesome stories of the past that are not only educative but intriguing. Different historical sites, castles, forts, have great stories behind their existence such as the Osu, Elmina, and Cape Coast castles, James and Ussher forts, Cape three points, and many others.

Beautiful rich culture and diversity: From music festivals, food festivals, to festivals that honour past leaders; Ghana has festivals celebrated by different communities for every aspect of life and livelihood. These festivals reveal a whole lot about the different ethnic groups in the country, their beliefs, common features, differences and history. They are gatherings that promote socialization, offer a learning experience and also adorn the beautiful culture of the nation. Notable among these are the Fetu Afahy3 (celebrated by the people of Cape Coast), Hogbetsotso (celebrated by the people of Anloga)and  Bakatue festival (celebrated by the people of Elmina).

Tasty food: One might argue that this might seem like an obvious pick for any country; but have you tasted Ghanaian food yet? Numerous colourful yet tasty and nutritional dishes are served in a lot of places across the country. Ghana boasts of wide variety of sumptuous food made with staples such as yam, maize, cassava, plantain; mostly unique to different cultures, communities or ethnic groups. Examples include fufu and palmnut soup (indigenous to the Akan ethnic group), tuo zaafi (a dish most common in the Northern , Upper East and Upper West regions), banku and okro soup ( indigenous to the people of the Volta region), kenkey, fish and grinded pepper (popular with the Akans; especially the Fantes) and many others.

Tropical paradise rich in wildlife: Ghana is home to scenic beauty; with waterfalls, beautiful mountains, pristine white beaches, magnificent landscapes and incredible biodiversity. Notable among places rich in beauty and biodiversity are the Bui, Kakum and Mole National Parks, Wli waterfalls and Volta lake.