As many would expect, a school in Accra to have a very decent structure, well paid teaching staff and students learning in the convenient classrooms;it is not so for Christ the King of Kings School located in the historic fishing community of Jamestown (home to Chalewote festival), right underneath the monumental Lighthouse.

The school has struggled since inception decades ago as a literacy grounds for children within the community whose parents could not afford to send them to school.  The dedication and seriousness poured out by the few teachers in this school is what attracted “I Adopt A Village” whom we partnered to bring life and colour to the school by way of painting, renovating and donating study materials.

You will agree with us that we are not in normal times, yet there has arisen the need to support the teachers and staff of Christ the King of Kings School to make life bearable for them in these times where schools are closed down.
In partnership with I Adopt A Village, Behwe Gh comes to you with cup in hand seeking your financial assistance to put a smile on the faces of these teachers.

We seek to raise Gh10,000 to support this cause.
Support a teacher, assist a school, help a child keep their dream alive.
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