Project Description



This is a standard mountain hike with a total hiking duration of between 2-4 hours (depending on fitness level) and will involve ascending a “mountain”. No special climbing skills are required however.

The hike follows a trail through the undergrowth, and up steep slopes that require the use of ropes (provided) for support. The difficulty of the climb cannot be compared to the beautiful view from the peak, not to mention the physical, psychological and mental benefits.

Terrain: Adaklu is about 2000 feet above sea level, a rocky terrain lined with canopy trees of different species.
On a good day, we will see monkeys and other game in their natural habitat.
In good spirit, we spend some time with the local kids sharing with them from our supplies.


Departure Time: 06:00 hrs

Converging Point: Accra Mall (Motorway Entry)

Travel Time: 2hrs 40mins to Adaklu

RATE: 220GH- 299GH

Your charge includes: Transportation, Water, Snacks, Lunch, and all Site/Guide charges)

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