Project Description


KASA “Kids Adventure and Self Awareness” CAMP is a three (3) day camp which seeks to Introduce kids to Basic Camping, Teambuilding and Leadership skills. The lineup of outdoor activities planned for this camp is to enable kids express themselves with nature thus, “KASA” which in Akan means “talk or speak”, and invariably points to expressing oneself.

Outdoor and adventure activities are facets of physical education which concern themselves with walking, orienteering, cycling, water-based activities and outdoor challenging tasks essential to an individual’s health, physical and psycho-social development.

Children get to exercise and have fun while on tasks, they get close to nature and learn to understand and appreciate its existence. They pick up team building and leadership skills through trust or cooperative activities, problem –solving exercises and physical challenges equipping them with situational awareness through careful observation of their environment. These activities offer alternative avenues for child achievement and encouragement to adopt a healthy lifestyle based on an enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors. They also offer the child life skills which would prove useful in their growing up and adulthood.

A host of activities like nature walk, tree planting, basic fitness, building shelter, geocaching/orienteering, swimming, first Aid lesson, fishing, self-defense, cultural exposure rope course, boat ride, horse riding, by the fire side, memento, archery all go a long way in enriching kids with basic values of self -discipline, team building, environmental and situational awareness as well as basic survival skills not neglecting some essential cultural values.

KASA Camp is also organized for schools all year round.

AGE GRADE: 5 years / 7 years- Juniors and 8years / 14years – Intermediate, 16years / 20years – Seniors

LOCATION: Legon Botanical Gardens

DATES: July and December

RATE: 500GH – 700GH

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