Project Description


This hike takes us through a lush highland area, the area has a dense vegetation with farms on either side as we approach neighboring villages. No apologies for your shoes getting wet as the existence of 4 streams will ensure that is achieved without the slightest of force. Back to the winding trail which takes us up and between tearing giant rock walls to the top of the mountain approximately 400m above sea level. We will hike through already existing trails and create our own where necessary. This terrain is a test your physical, psychological and decision-making faculties in a thick verdure, overlying a rocky stairway to the top of the escarpment with wet shoes from crossing streams. This is a 2- and 3-days adventure. This involves a rigorous hiking and camping experience.

This is a standard hike with a total hiking duration of 2- 3 hours. This is not your usual hike or walk in the park…THIS IS AN ADVENTURE!

At the camp base, we make use of all our survival skills making use of all the vast resources and situations mother nature has to offer, cooking on our stone burners, hunting and searching for food breathing fresh uncontaminated, air and relax in the coolness of nature. We get closer to nature sleeping within a clean natural outdoor space. Our continuous days allow us to explore some other highlands, villages the Boti waterfalls and the umbrella rock.

LOCATION: Location: Jumapor-Yiwase (Eastern Region) (6.181997, -0.263040)

DATES: Between April/May- Dry and July/August- Wet

RATE: 300GH – 599GH

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