Agumatsa is a mountain range in Ghana which includes the highest point in Ghana and the tallest mountain in Ghana. It contains a conservation area; the Mount Afadja-Agumatsa range which houses the infamous Wli waterfalls. A walk through the forest of the Agumatsa Wildlife sanctuary allows you see different species of animals including bats, birds,monkeys, and many more.

You asked that I take you to Agumatsa did you not? And you asked that I “allow you to flow”? Let me take you to Wli!

Wli waterfalls is the highest waterfall in West Africa. It is locally called the Agumatsa waterfalls, meaning “Allow me to flow”. The hike to Wli is a beautiful one. It is about an hour walk through a semi-deciduous forest with three layers; on a path which can only be tread by two people walking side by side at a time. The forest abounds in bird, reptile and mammal species; and as one walks through the forest one would see tree species labeled with their scientific, local and common names. The waterfall measures 143km from the upper fall to the pool below it, with the pool being about 1.2m deep.  It is the water from the falls that flows into the Agumatsa river.