“Climb the mountains and their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees” –John Muir.

The name ‘Adaklu’ has origin deeply rooted in the myth of the historic Ewe migration from Notse in Togo to Ghana. Upon arrival of the first settlers on Ghanaian soil and in celebration of their finding a new home; they prepared a feast using the one cow they had brought along. Unfortunately, this could not feed everyone in the community and hence they resorted to sharing the broth among all the people; with everyone receiving a small portion. ‘Adaklu’ means to share what you have with everyone; “small small” or klu-klu.

A town in the Volta region, it is located in the Adaklu-Anyibe District and not only serves as a home to different species of animals; but also as a source of several streams. It is famous for its wild honey, palm wine and akpeteshie and boasts of being home to the tallest free standing mountain in Ghana.

In the heart of Adaklu lies TENDEN; the local name for the Adaklu mountain which boasts of being one of the top tourist attractions in Ghana. The locals enjoy bush meat from its belly, and from its arms charcoal and firewood. Tenden literally cradles beautiful flora and fauna in its bosom. The Adaklu experience can either be of the hiking, climbing, parachuting or sight-seeing kind. The mountain, about 600, above sea level, is surrounded by villages such as Helekpe, Avanyaviwofe, Goefe, Sikama, Abuadi and Kardiabe. 3km from the foot of the mountain is the Kalakpa Resource Reserve, which houses antelope, buffalo, baboons, bushbuck, and other animals.

Have you had a feel of the Adaklu experience yet? An exhilarating steep hike approximately two to three hours up the Adaklu mountain? Rewarding whoever completes the hike with the absolutely stunning view of the surrounding villages of Adaklu and beyond? Here at Behwe GH, it’s one of our most memorable hikes! As if nature meant it to be challenging yet enjoyable and reasonably easy to maneuver, there is a village halfway the mountain, with the best of hospitality which serves as a nice resting place; should one want to take a break during the hike.