Gbledi Gbogame is a town located in the Volta region, and is popularly known to be the home of the tallest mountain in Ghana; Afadjato. It is 24km from Hohoe. Gbledi is not only home to the tallest mountain in Ghana but also home to the highest peak or point in Ghana, Mount Aduadu. The Agumatsa range, (where the Wli waterfalls is located) is also found in Gbledi. Aside these, there is also Hekpome, a chalk cave which according to legend, used to be the home of the people of Gbledi.

Farming is the major economic activity of the people of Gbledi, as the locals are engaged in traditional farming. There is an abundance of maize, cassava, plantain, cocoa and cotton farms.

To get to Gbledi, one would have to take a bus from the main lorry station in Accra to Hohoe, then take a trotro from a point called Hohoe post office to Gbledi. Upon arrival, accommodation facilities available include Taste Lodge, Pacific Guest House, Agumatsa falls Lodge, and many more.
You should definitely experience Gbledi! The culture is rich, the people are welcoming and there is an abundance of tourist attractions to visit.